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Sedation Dentistery


Anxiety about your dental procedure shouldn’t prevent you from getting the smile you deserve. Although general and cosmetic dentist Michael Negru, DDS, strives to make everyone feel comfortable, he understands that sedation helps with a variety of dental-related discomforts. That’s why his practice, Ultimate Smile Dental Care in Beaverton, Oregon, has a medical anesthesiologist on staff. If you’re looking for sedation dentistry, call Ultimate Smile Dental Care or book an appointment online today.

Sedation Dentistry Q & A

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry involves using medication to help you relax while Dr. Negru performs dental procedures. Although sometimes referred to as “sleep dentistry,” that’s not entirely accurate. Most of the time, you’re awake throughout the procedure, although you may feel sleepy and relaxed. In cases where general anesthesia is needed, you may be asleep during the procedure.

What are the benefits of sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry has a number of benefits to both you and Dr. Negru. Most of all, the sedation minimizes any anxiety you may have about going to the dentist. Sedation dentistry also has the following benefits:

It’s easier for the dentist

Dr. Negru can work quicker when you’re relaxed and still. Since you’re awake the entire time, you can also respond to him if he needs you to open wider or turn your head.

It’s easier for you

You won’t feel any pain, so the fear of pain will fade, making future dental procedures less troubling.

Who should get sedated during dental procedures?

Many people would rather deal with a toothache than face the fear of sitting in a dentist’s chair. If this sounds like you, sedation dentistry may be a helpful option. You may want to consider sedation dentistry if you:

Suffer from dental-related phobias

Feel uncomfortable in medical offices

Fear or dislike needles

Have a bad gag reflex

Suffer from TMJ or headaches

Have sensitive teeth

Have a low pain threshold

Are undergoing a procedure that requires sitting for long periods

Is sedation dentistry safe?

At Ultimate Smile Dental Care, Dr. Negru works in collaboration with a certified anesthesiologist to ensure safety throughout your sedation.

Sedation dentistry is safe for most people and makes your time in the dentist’s chair more comfortable. Not all types of sedation are appropriate for every person. The best way to find out if sedation dentistry is right for you is to share your concerns and needs directly with Dr. Negru.

If seeing a dentist triggers fear, anxiety, or general discomfort, know that you’re not alone. Dr. Negru helps many people overcome these obstacles so they can break out their best smiles. If you think sedation dentistry is right for you, call Ultimate Smile Dental Care or book an appointment online today.